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STEP 2. After you have submitted all of your applications and checked your "My Dashboard" for your APPROVAL status, And if you haven't already, then it's time to start laying the financial managing groundwork for your new business. 

Apps like QuickBooks or FreshBooks are great for small business tasks such as keeping track of inventory, automatically sending invoices to clients, managing payroll, keeping track of your clients, maintaining your business's budget, and so much more. 

Stoked About Life Business Coaching is not affiliated with QuickBooks or FreshBooks in any form or fashion. We DO NOT receive any compensation if you click on one of our links for their website and sign up. These are just the applications that we are most familiar with, and that recommend to our clients.


Each Business Coaching Phase includes lessons for either platform specifically tailored to your business needs.

To the right, we have provided a brief overview of both applications. What we think of them and how they may be beneficial to you based on your business needs.



How do I track inventory, as well as manage my business expenses and revenue?

Accounting Solutions


QuickBooks Online offers business owners access to a mobile app, live bookkeeping, and their own personal accountant as well as 24/7 support for some subscriptions.

One top priority is keeping a close eye on the money you're bringing in and paying out as a small business owner.


QuickBooks is great for recording payments, tracking expenses, invoicing customers, and reconciling transactions all in one place. It also gives you insight into your business's financial health, allowing you to generate reports that help you analyze your business's performance from multiple aspects. 

Choosing the best accounting software for your business can be challenging, and you may not be exactly sure of what you may need; we are here to help! We'll help you tailor your QuickBooks account to your specific business goals, and accounting needs.

As a business owner, you definitely should consider an accounting application or software if you are starting a business. Apps like QuickBooks, are a tremendous force to have on your side for your bookkeeping needs.


FreshBooks is also another excellent accounting software platform that we suggest. Automatically track invoices, 

payments, mileage, and expenses year-round, so you’re always ready for tax time. With billing and payments all in one place, everything is organized and easy to track. Things like professional invoices, online payments, and automated payment reminders in FreshBooks make it easy for you and your clients.


With every dollar accounted for, you’ll always know where your business stands. Business health and financial reports in FreshBooks show your profitability, cash flow, and where your money is going.

Things like professional invoices, online payments, and automated payment reminders in FreshBooks make it easy for you and your clients.

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