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Start with only $99 

Logo Design

500 Premium Business Cards & Card Holder


Are you starting a business, and you need a logo to establish your brand?

Our graphic design department will work closely with you to design your ideal logo. There are tons of automated logo designing websites and apps, but you become limited to what you can create with these automated services. With our graphic design team, the sky is the limit. Our graphic designers will reach out to you, and together you'll create the best logo for your business and brand. Upon finalizing your logo, your premium business cards and cardholder will be shipped directly to you within 7-business days.


  1. Submit your order with us and pay the required deposit.

  2. You then will receive our logo questionnaire to fill out and submit.

  3. 3 different concepts of your logo will be sent to you within 3 business days.

  4. Revisions of your logo can be made within 24-48 hours.

  5. Provide the final approval of your logo.

  6. Pay your remaining balance.

  7. Final files of your logo will be sent to you via .png, .jpg, HTML ready for web use.

  8. Your Premium Business Cards & Cold Holder will be mailed to your address.

What's included w/ Logo Design:

  •  Professional Logo & Favicon

  •  Logo optimization for Social Media & Website

  •  500 Premium Business Cards

  •  Premium Business Card Holder


Logo Design Examples


I had an amazing experience working with the graphic designers of Stoked About Life Business Coaching. I really didn't have a lot of direction in mind when I started working with them, and they made it very easy for me to figure out what I wanted. They provided me with amazing options for the logo during each stage of the process. They were very fast and responsive to my request and feedback. I was so impressed by their professionalism, I will definitely be working with them in the future.

~ Tyreek S. Johnson

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