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Affordable and high quality web design

Website Development 

Premium Website Design & Maintainance 

Logo Design is what we call our PLANTING stage. Together with your coach, you will be sowing the seeds today that will help your business thrive for tomorrow. Your coach will guide you through your business registration and licensing process, keeping you on track towards your next best actions to help you reach your business goals.

Business Cards Phase is a five-week coaching course where you will learn about different everyday business practices and general business taxation information. 


  1. Please submit your order with us and pay the required deposit.

  2. You then will receive our logo questionnaire to fill out and submit.

  3. 3 different concepts of your logo will be sent to you within 3 business days.

  4. Revisions of your logo can be made within 24-48 hours.

  5. Provide the final approval of your logo.

  6. Pay your remaining balance.

  7. Final files of your logo will be sent to you via .png, .jpg, HTML ready for web use.

  8. Your Premium business cards & Cold Holder will be mailed to your address.

What's Included w/ Logo Design:

  •  Professional Logo & Favicon

  •  Logo optimized for Social Media & Website

  •  500 Premium Card Holder


FREE 15-minute WEBSITE Design Coaching session! Let's talk about the next best steps for you and your business today!


"I've been making quilts for years, I never thought it would turn into my own small business! My grandson and I contacted Stoked About Life Business Coaching, and they helped us with a logo, business cards, a website, and internet marketing.


Now, I sell my quilts all over the world! My 20-year hobby has turned into a six-figure income. Working with the coach was straightforward and very pleasant. He coached us through the entire process, from creating objectives and goals, to closing an online sale. SLABC's coaching and services have been by far the best business decision I ever made.                                                                       

~ Emma Ray Murphy


Affordable and high quality web design

  • How long have you been practicing business coaching?
    I’ve been practicing business coaching since 2009--, a little over 8 years now and counting. I work exclusive one on one with each cleint, and only take on a limited amount of clients at a time to ensure the highest quality of coaching experience.
  • How many people have you successfully coached?
    So far to date, I have successfully coached and mentored over 350+ freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  • What makes you qualified to coach?
    Not only my proven track record for successfully coaching over 350+ clients, but also my certification from one the top business coaching schools--, iPEC Business Coaching. I'm also the proud owner of three substantially growing small businesses. I have taken companies that revenues were virtually nonexistent, helping them earn over 10k a month, to six figures within a year. Business coaching isn't a jobb for me, but a passion I have in witnessing businesses thrive.
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